About Us

BubbleMania is a young growing company which is coming with a global phenomenon BUBBLE TEA. Our first bubble tea bar was opened in summer 2011 in Czech republic. From that time the concept BubbleMania goes ahead toward building a strong brand. The company owns 17 successful bubble tea bars in Czech. It is very easy to become a BubbleMania addict.

BubbleMania conquers the world!

About bubble tea

Drink, snack, fun, fantasy and exotic – all you can find in one cup of BubbleMania bubble tea!

Its name is according to a bubble foam which comes into being after shaking the drink.

Bubble tea, it is a wide range of fruit and milk teas which you can mix uncountable ways. The most important ingredient is tapioca pearls, small chewing balls in size of pearls which is made from Yuka plant, natural sugar and caramel.

Bubble tea is served as frozen, ice cold or warm, drunk by extra thick straw.

The drink is suitable for vegetarians and celiacs. Bubble tea is a perfect drink for every occasion.

History of bubble tea

Home of bubble tea is Taiwan, it was invented during the 1980s. The drink became popular in most parts of East and Southeast Asia and immediately expand to USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.. Bubble tea can be regarded as a timeless drink for its own originality.

Bubble Snowie

Hot news from Taiwan! Bubble snowie is an unusual ice cream made of fine shavings of ice and its texture is similar to an ice. Smooth and thin snow slices are melting in a mouth immediatelly that´s why the snowie is really refreshing. It is served topped with fruit syrup and sprinkled with topping which is best known from bubble tea. That again means so many tastes and variations.

Iced slices are served in special cup and eaten by spoon.

BubbleMania offers the bubble snowie as a first company in whole Europe!

- easy way to success!

Would you like to start a business but miss the support of an experienced partner?
Franchising is the answer to your question!

If you like the concept BubbleMania and want to start your business with us, here is the offer of our cooperation. You will get the proven business plan and start without worries. Would you like to be independent or you could benefit from our support as a bussines partner? Here we are!

Franchising concept was born in 2011 in Usti nad Labem, Czech republic and expand to other Czech cities. Priorities of BubbleMania are production and selling bubble tea from the original ingredients and many offers for our customers. The whole concept is typical elegant clear design which everyone appreciate. BubbleMania desires to capture the general public as much as possible. Our delicious drinks are also fun.

Do you still have a lot of questions?
Before every start of business you will have a lot of questions and doubts. We would like you to answer the frequently asked questions, to get rid of any doubts and to help with your decision.

Is bubble tea hard to prepare?

Recipes of preparing bubble tea are the biggest secret of every dealer. You can find a lot of recipes on the internet but how to find the right one? We do instead of you! We have spent a lot of time with every single bubble tea to make it perfect. Now we can offer the best to our customers and franchisee. With our knowledge, recipes and improvements you will find that cooking delicious tapioca isn´t any harder than cooking pasta.

Is preparing bubble tea a time-consuming process?

Making of bubble tea lasts as long as the preperation of any cocktail. All of the ingredients are prepared in advance so that it will not be so time-consuming when the bar is full of customers. Cooked tea is just mixed with secret ingredients. It is fast and effective.

Can I earn money by selling bubble tea?

Average bubble tea shop sell 150-300 drinks per days but shops in good location could sell more than 500 drinks per day. Bubble tea should be an addition to your current business which means more and more customers.

Bubble tea is suitable for bubble tea shops, cafes, restaurants or fresh bars.

Is franchising good for business beginners?

Absolutely! Starting business according to the proven franchising concept is the easier and surest way. According to a consumer survey franchising is six times safer than starting a business on your own. You can feel secure having the support of the franchise!

If you don’t take advantage now, your competitors certainly will…​


Do you also become a bubble tea addict and want to become a part of bubble team? We are looking for realiable, hardworking, enthusiatic and communicative co-workers for who will be their job more than an employment but real hobby.